5 Tips for Decorating Your Apartment for the Holidays

Start with the Tree

A gigantic tree is a must if you’re a character in a holiday movie, but huge Christmas trees really aren’t a requirement for the rest of us. In fact, small trees can make just as much of an impact as big ones. If floor space is limited in your apartment, consider these holiday tree options.

  • Slim Trees: Slim trees take up less space than full-bodied Christmas trees and offer an ideal solution for narrow or tight spaces. The trees are available nearly everywhere holiday trees are sold.
  • Miniature Trees: Whether your tree fits on a table or a shelf, a smaller tree offers an excellent option if you don’t want to give up valuable floor space. Although you may not have room for more than one full-size tree in your apartment, there’s probably ample room for two or more small trees. Put one in every room or place three or four around your living area.
  • Half Tree: Half trees are flat on one side, allowing them to be placed flush against the wall. Unlike slim trees, half trees aren’t narrower than traditional trees but don’t protrude into the room quite as far as full-diameter holiday trees.
  • The Wall Tree: If space is very limited or you don’t want a traditional tree, why not create the illusion of a holiday tree on a wall? Pinterest offers a variety of ideas for creating the ultimate holiday wall tree, such as arranging garland and lights or a selection of holiday cards in a triangular shape. Hang your wall tree with removable Command hooks to avoid damaging the walls.

Choose a Theme

Themes help unify your decorating scheme and make it easier to choose decorations. Your theme might be based on:

  • Color: Red and green may be the traditional color combination, but it’s certainly not the only one. It doesn’t matter which colors you pick, as long as you use them consistently throughout your apartment. Popular color schemes include red and silver, green and gold, blue and silver, and all white, although teal, purple and other bright colors are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Holiday Icons: Choosing a particular type of icon, such as elves, Santa, snowmen, reindeer or snowflakes, can simplify holiday decorating planning. Although you’ll probably incorporate a few other types of decorations and ornaments, selecting a primary motif will make it easier to select decorations.
  • Holiday Type: Over-the-top holiday decorations will look a little out of place if you prefer minimalistic decor. Whether your apartment is decorated in a rustic, elegant, casual or minimalist style, look for decorations that fit the style of your home without overwhelming the space.

Light It Up

Strings of lights, whether they’re white or multi-colored, immediately give your apartment a festive air without taking up much space. Drape them around windows and mirrors, on kitchen countertops and doorways, or on the wall above your bed.

Hang Up Your Stockings

Finding a place to hang your stockings can be a challenge if you don’t have a mantel or fireplace in your apartment. Buy a few heavyweight stocking holders and dangle the stockings from bookcases or shelving units, or on window sills. A coat rack also makes the perfect place to display stockings and can be used to hold coats, scarves, purses or other items during the rest of the year.

Add Subtle Holiday Touches

A furry white throw draped over the couch or wicker basket filled with pine boughs enhance the holiday atmosphere in your apartment without taking up much space. Pine garland draped over doorways or the addition of a red plaid comforter to your bedroom may be simple touches, but they’re an excellent addition to any holiday decorating scheme.

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